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Business II: Publishing

I love books! And working with books would  be amazing. I would love to be able to decide what books get published. Should I give this wanna be author a chance? Is this the kind of story I want to represent.


Biology: Whats Up With the Kangaroo.

Do you ever wonder, “Why can’t this animal live here?”

If it were just up to the climate a lot of animals that are indigenous to just one place could live a lot more place, could live a lot more places.

But, all animals need things like predators to keep things in check.

So while it’d be cool to have things like kangaroo’s in America we don’t have the proper predators.

Western Civilization: Augustus Settlement and Julius Caesar.

Octavian was a dictator, but he was wise enough to not let on that he was. Had he revealed the truth he would have been overthrown. In his mind whether or not he was in power determined if the nation “fell apart.” Yet it is true that he did  good things for the nation. He decides he is going to protect the outward appearance of the republic, the way other nations saw it. This gave him power to run the entire nation with nobody suspecting him.

In 27 BC he gave his power to the senate, but because he had put on such a good face and the senate saw all the good he had done, they gave it back to him. But in order for Octavian to receive being given back the power they had to grant a couple of his request. He wanted to have a new title, and he wanted total control of the military. So he became known as Augustus.

Julius Caesar. Caesar started his career commanding an army. In 60 BC the first triumvirate was put in place. This was done to create an alliance between Caesar, Pompey, and Crausus. This was meant to be a secret but not unlike most secrets it eventually came to light. As a result Julius goes back to the senate and Pompey attacks Rome with victory.

Western Literature: Orestes Action

Orestes is a character in Aeschylus’s series of plays Agomemnon, The Libation Bears, and The Eumentes. Orestes had been exiled but when he got home he found that his father had been murdered and a strange man was in rule over the household. It turns out his father had been murdered by his mother, Clytemnestra, and her power hungry lover Aegisthus.

So Orestes and his sister, Electra, hatched a plan to kill Clytemnestra and Aegisthus and they did.

This is 100% different as to how it would go in the modern world. In the modern world Orestes  would have known his father was gone before then. Police would have investigated the crime of Agomemnon’s death and Clytemnestra and Aegisthus would have gone to trial. If they weren’t found guilty for some reason and Orestes and Electra killed them Orestes and Electra would have been sent to prison.

Aren’t you glad we have a justice system? Even if it is messed up.

Business II: Photography

Pictures have been around for a long time. Even before camera’s were invented, people were drawing pictures to document things.

But ever since camera’s were invented people have taken pictures.

So the business opportunity that intrigue’s me the most is photography. I love taking picture’s and I’d love to be able to make a living taking picture’s.

Western Civilization: Tiberius

Tiberius was under a lot of suspicion that was placed on him from the Roman Senate.

Tiberius wanted to do something with his project; but under Roman tradition he had to go through the Senate. He wasn’t so sure that the Senate would approve it, so he brought it to another council whom he knew would approve. It was no surprise that after he did that the Senate refused to fund it.

Fortunately for him a neighboring kingdoms king offered his kingdom to Rome upon his death. When he died, Tiberius used his death to help himself and asked that the taxes of the people in that kingdom go to his land reform plan.

This was against Senate traditions. During a speech that two Senators were attending. Tiberius made a signal to his body guards by touching his head, telling them to be alert.

However the Senators thought he was asking for a crown making himself king, so they had him killed.

Western Literature: View of Trojan War

The play Agamemnon was written by Aeschylus, and it has his view of the Trojan War.

Almost anyone who knows anything about history has at least heard of the Trojan War. They heard how everybody thought it had happened but nobody had any proof.

They have heard how an inquisitive man was determined to find out what happened and so he went searching for Troy. And everybody knows of the Trojan Horse and how they sneaked into the city using the Horse.

In Aeschylus’s play Agamemnon Aeschylus describes how there were very few serious left after the war. And that a ship was said to be sunk by Artemis, a Greek goddess. And since there were so few survivors to inherit land, the country failed.


Business II: Intriguing Business

Businesses are everywhere. They come and go all the time, they are all over history and they will continue to be around for a very long time.

Even if you don’t want to be involved in the traditional business you can still be involved in businesses by…… websites! This is a very good way to make money and I recommend it.

Biology: Cancer.

Cancer. Something everybody hates, and many people live their life being scared they’ll get.

My aunt died of breast cancer before I was born so it was very interesting to learn about how it happens.

Cancer is something that brews in your body for a very long time. It starts as a mutated cell. Which causes other cells to mutate. This activates oncogene, a gene that causes cancer. Then it slowly or quickly, depending on the kind of cancer, gets out of control.

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