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Business 1: 100 Percent

So, my whole life my parents have said that they will pay for our education from k-12. If we wanted higher education then we have to pay for any higher. They did say that they will pay for CLEP’s,  though.

So I’m fully planning to pay for my college education, besides the CLEP’s, myself.

Since I’ve always planned on  paying for my college education, I will say I would Love if my parents were to pay for half of my education. And if the CLEP’s took away half of the cost they would. So if I can, I will test out of two years using CLEP’s. So I think it would benefit me a lot to not have as much potential debt.

Business 1: My Business.

Many things come into play when you are wanting to start a business. What are you going to sell? Why does this product need to be out there? But the other thing you need to consider is, how are you going deal with the pressure? How do you deal with people?

The main thing that I could do in my business: I’ve been told I have good people skills. I can learn and study and do school for all the business side of it. But one thing that either can’t be learned or is very hard to learn is dealing with people.

People can be annoying. They want what they want, they are pushy, they can be selfish. You have to be able to deal with them. You have to be patient. I often get annoyed and seethe inside. But I can usually contain it.

I think that would be the main thing I could bring.

In the future I can develop the business side of everything. That’s what I’m doing now! I’m learning the business side! I’m learning, reading, studying. It’s what you have to do.

Business 1: Nine Month Plan.

To begin with I will continue to study the art/practice of advertising. It will take a lot of work to be able to help a business man. It will be hard to reach the point where I know more about it then him.

I will  then present my case to a local businesses, many whose advertising could use a pick me up. Once I have my foot in the door I will recommend he/she stops running ads in the yellow pages, its an unnecessary expenses. Then I’ll spend time studying his old ads and seeing what he did wrong ( besides run ads in the yellow pages). For all this I will probably charge him a certain percentage of the money he gets with the new and improved ad that I designed for him. I will run the ad on the website that I set up and hold ownership of.

Small businesses have it hard with all these large corporations like Walmart, Aldi, and Home Depot. If they are introduced to things like Google AdWords we might be able to give them a small leg up. If I know how to help them, I’ll help them and just maybe make a little money out of it!

Business 1: AdWords

Google AdWords could be an incredible tool. The problem is, not very many small business owners use it.

Some of the benefits of Google AdWords are:

  • You can test ads fast.
  • You can get the word out fast.
  • You can improve the ad anytime it feels necessary.
  • You can use a landing page.

Google AdWords is a very good tool to use for your business.

It can give you fast results;  why don’t more people use it!

Imagine you  are testing an ad. You want to know if it worked as fast as possible. You post it to Google AdWords and you can find out almost instantly…. Well, as soon as people respond to it.

This is an amazing tool, use it!

Business 1: I’ve Learned This Week

This week we learned many things. But the one I really took from it, is the fact that I can have an advantage over the older small business owners.

There are quite a few small businesses in my home town. Most of them fair pretty well…. except one. This business was not doing well until it was sold last year. The former owner never offered any significant deals or attractions. It never seemed to boom….. But this spring ( with it’s new owner) it offered an “if you buy so many pounds of meat you get a free box of donuts”  deal. They sold out of meat before noon. Before it never offered anything like this. This taught me something…. it was it’s momentary USP!

But that’s not why I’m here today. Today I’m here to tell you what I learned this week. This week, the main thing I took away was: since I was born in the digital age I have an advantage over the old business owners in my town. I know other ways of advertising that older owners might not have even thought of because they don’t think digital. I have things like Google Adwards and email at my disposal! I have the advantage.

Business 1: Procrastinating

Procrastinating is something I can almost guarantee we’ve all done a time or so. We have all not wanted to do that job or not wanted to call that person.

Procrastination can harm you though. If you procrastinate something that is valuable it could hurt you. I have to admit I’ve procrastinated a writing assignment before. But after I procrastinate I realize that I can’t hang out with my siblings because I have yet to finish my assignment.

When you want to start a business you want to start early, if you’re constantly saying  “maybe tomorrow” you’ll never start. Believe me, I’ve done it. If I don’t set a deadline for myself, I’ll probably forget to do it. I’m being honest here! You have to set a deadline. And if you set it, give yourself a punishment if you don’t meet it.

I realized a while ago that I spent too much time on YouTube. So, I decided to go two weeks without watching anything unless someone else initiated it. No YouTube, no Netflix, and no Hulu. I was allowed to use YouTube for music but that was it. I got so much done. I read instead of watching YouTube videos. I did research for college things like that.

Don’t procrastinate. Set deadlines. Get things done.

Business 1: RPC, Part Three.

And another benefits of the RPC is: they prepare you for college.

This is one that will come in handy: What the do is that they offer CLEP Cram courses. These will prepare you for CLEP’s which you can use to test out of some college!

Business 1: RPC, Part Two.

Another benefit of the RPC is the flexible schedule. I volunteer at a nursing home and they need me at various time of the day. With this curriculum I can go in at any point if the day. I really enjoy this and the nursing home appreciates it too!

Business 1: The RPC, Part One

One of the benefits from the RPC is their Autobiography course.

This course has taught me a lot that I didn’t know about certain times in history. This year we have studied the autobiography’s of people such as: Helen Keller, Booker T. Washington, and Sergei Kourdakov, just to name a few. I still go back and look at some of those stories.

This course is a definite plus of the RPC.

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