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Western Civilization: Lesson 125

1. The Renaissance of the 12th century was a highlight in the Middle Ages. During this time Ancient Rome and law came back into the light. Translation of Greek documents were happening in Latin and Arabic. History was interesting scholars and manuscripts were being copied. Aristotle’s works were being used in every universities curriculum. But one of the greatest achievements of that time was the founding of universities.

2. In the 12th Century Universities were Cathedral schools. These were established during the Carolingian Renaissance under the rule of Charlemange. There were seven subjects they studied: mathematics, astronomy, rhetoric, music, grammar, logic, and various literature. Between the years 1200 and 1400 the universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Paris, and Bologna were founded. There were professors and students, just like today’s universities.

3. St. Tomas Aquinas was a young man who joined the University of Naples, then became a Dominican at the age of 19. However his family didn’t enjoy, or support this, and they imprisoned him for a year. During this time they sent him a girl to try to tempt him but it didn’t work. In fact he chased her out of the room with a hot poker, he then carved a cross on the door with the hot poker. When he was set free he assisted three different popes. There are 8.5 million words attributed to St. Tomas, 48,000 of which are original reference material.


Western Literature: Augustine’s View of Christianity

Augustine, known as St. Augustine today, is one of the best known Catholic theologians of today.

While reading his works we learn that he believed that Christianity played a major role in history.

We read that he believed in Gods absolute sovereignty. Over and over again in his works he returns to this, stating that God is the creator of the world. He lays down the law, we obey and get our sins taken away. As sinners we lean on God and ask him to come live in our hearts, we ask for his mercy and grace and we get to live with Him in eternity. He also states that on judgment day God will decide what happens.

Augustine believed in the Christians view of sanctions and succession. And he believed that in the end it will have happened that Christianity played a major role in history.

Business II: Money With My New Business Skills

With my new business skills I would like to be able to be a professional photographer. It would be amazing if I could do this for a living.

With what I’ve learned I can set up a website and market myself effectively.

Biology: Can A Poison Arthropod Be A Benefit.

Many Arthropods such as bees or spiders may be really scary at first but they are just doing their job. Just like it’s your job to do school every day, it’s their job to spin webs and collect pollen.

Whenever you feel threatened what’s your reaction? Do you scream? Take a swing? Whatever you, do you’re essentially trying to protect yourself. That’s what a bee is doing when it stings you. and though it may hurt, you want the bees to be protected, because they are very essential to the pollination of plants, and plants are essential to us.

Western Civilization: Lesson 120

The Albigensian ¬†were very aware that good and evil existed, but like many religions before and after, they decided that they would decide what was good and what was evil. The main things that they decided was that things of they world were evil. The Albigensian looked at things like the human body with contempt. Even things the human body does or has such as pregnancy, marriage and sexuality, were looked on with much contempt. They didn’t participate in Catholic rituals because they were done with worldly things. The Albigensian’s faith was strictly focused on spirituality.

2. In the 13th century mendicants appeared. It started with St. Francis of Assisi when he became convinced that he was called by God to “restore the church.” He became a wandering preacher/begger who soon gained many followers. These followers made up the Fransicans. They sacrificed there lives and lived everyday trusting that God would provide for their needs.

3. The Magna Carta was an extremely important document for the history of the world. For the people in 1215 it was mainly an agreement between the king and the nobles. The Magna Carta made it very clear that not even the king was above the laws. It put in place “Trial by jury.” The Magna Carta would become an important part of the English constitution.

Western Civilization: The Crusades

The main thing you think of when you hear the word crusadeis probably the Roman catholic Church fighting to try to win back the “Holy Land” back from the Muslims.

One misconception is that the Christians wanted to convert the Muslims by force. This was not the case.

There was also never a “Children Crusade.” Children didn’t form a crusade. They formed part of a variety of uprisings and processions. A man named Nicholas became the center of a mass movement but they ended up dispersing.

There are five versions of Pope Urban II’s speech. The main theme that seems to flow through all of them is that the people is the west needed penance for their sins and the east was threatened by the Muslims. Basically that the crusades were needed to protect the Christians from the Muslims.

Western Literature: Martyrs and Hell

Hell was a real thing to the martyrs. To them it was the final judgment, though they obviously had no fear of going there or they would have had fear of drying.

Polycarp was executed by the Roman Empire around 155-168 AD, I have seen multiple sources say different years. When he was brought before the mob he refused to burn sacrifices to Marcus Aurelius and refused to deny his faith. They first threatened him with beasts, when that didn’t bother him they tried fire, still didn’t scare him.

“In his final prayer, he prayed , ‘O Father, I thank You, that You have called me to this day and hour and have counted me worthy to receive my place among the number of the holy martyrs, Amen.’ As soon as he uttered the word, ‘Amen’ the officers lit the fire. The flames rose high above his body, but miraculously, he was not burned.” —- Jesus Freaks by dc Talk and VOM.

Flames were about to overtake him and he showed no fear. Amazing! When the fire didn’t kill him they ordered him stabbed and so much blood flowed out of him that it put out the fire.

Perpetua is another martyr. She and her friends were killed in Carthage, North Africa. When she would not burn incense she was sentenced to being killed by wild beast. While they were in prison awaiting their death, God gave Perpetua and Saturus visions of their victory in death.

When they were put into the arena the beast refused to kill them.

“The show was almost over; Saturus was put in the arena one last time, the leopard was let loose, and with one bite, Saturus was mortally wounded. Finally those who were still alive were brought back into be killed by gladiators. First, they gave one another the kiss of peace. Then all remained still and the sword in silence. Perpetua was assigned a young, untried gladiator, who was not used to such scenes of violence. He stabbed her weakly several times between the ribbs, but did not kill her, so Perpetua guided his wavering hand to her throat.” Jesus Freaks by dc Talk and VOM.

Do you think that these people would have had so much peace about death had they had any questions about whether or not they were going to heaven? Their doctrine about hell was that it is real, but they were not headed there.

Biology: Chordates

Chordates are animals that have a notochord, a hollow dorsal nerve chord and other different body parts that they have for particular parts of their life cycle.

The biggest difference between chordates and vertebrates are the notochord and the hollow dorsal nerve chord. Most chordates are sea dwelling creatures. Vertebrates have distinguishable spines.

Western Civilization: Lesson 110

The Great Schism was a significant event in the history of the Medieval Church. The Great Schism was the church dividing. One of the main reasons was the language barrier. The East’s official language was Greek while the west’s was Latin. They also had a difference of opinion in the way you should worship. In the 11th century the animosity between the people grew to the point that Michael Cerularius closed the western-style churches and the Catholic and Orthodox churches were born.

Philip Augustus II is best known for destroying the Angerin empire and King John of England. During this time French monarchs power was low because of lay power and decentralized of France’s power. When the Capetian King took over, Philip among these, he recognized control of the Angerin Empire and crushed the England and Nordic forces.

Indulgence is a Catholic belief, it’s a way of getting rid of your sins. Catholics believe that there are two punishments, eternal and temporary. Eternal is hell. Temporal is when you confess your sins to the priest.

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