Under the Wheel

When I was probably two or three years old my big brother, Cordell,  then ten or eleven, was hauling trash with our garden tractor/lawn mower.

       I was young enough that I didn’t understand that when the machine was on it was dangerous.

       I decided that I was going to pretend to give my little brother, Stuart, a “ride.” He jumped in the trailer. I was turning the steering wheel and we were having fun, but my elbow bumped it out of park.

       We had a friend staying with us and the tractor was headed straight for his truck. Being young and not understanding how heavy it was I jumped in front of the tire trying to stop it.

       While this was happening my little brother was running inside to get someone. But he was hard to understand because he could barely talk. So that was taking a while.

       Eventually he just grabbed my sisters hand and drug her out side. She yelled which brought my mom down stairs from teaching school.

       By this time I was under the tire and the tractor had stopped rolling because it couldn’t go past my head.

       Someone called my dad and he came running. Disclaimer: I was fine I only had a few scratches on my arms and legs.

                                                                    Learning to Cook

       When I was around eight, one of my older sisters, Colleen, decided she was going to teach me how to cook.

       “Ashley.’ she told me one day, ‘I am going to teach you how to cook. For every dinner time this week you are going to help  me cook.”

       And I did. Every evening around five she would come home from work.

       I’d say something along the lines of:

      “Colleen what are we going to make for dinner?”

       And she’d say something along the lines of:

     “Well, I was thinking this or maybe this.”

      I would act all wise and be like:

     “Well,  that seems like a good idea. What do I need to get around?”

       It was so much fun!! We would talk and she would treat me like I knew a little of what I was doing.

       And I still remember a lot of what she taught me. From how to season meat to how to tell when a pancake needs flipped.

       It is a week I will always remember. It was when I learned how to have fun cooking.

                                                                  Dancing in Dresses

        When my little sister and I were younger we had some dress up dresses.

       There was a thrift shop in the town I grew up in, and sometimes mom would let us pick a dress out. They were almost always, too long, too big, and almost always a little “poofy.”

       But we would get all dressed up in our dresses and our sisters old heels.

       When we were all dressed up we would turn on  Newsboys (I know totally the kind of music you dance to in a big dress.) But it was fun!!

       Some times we would get dressed up and turn on one of my Celtic Woman DVD’s. We would each a girl we were: I would usually be a blonde haired one and she would be a brown haired one. We would sing our hearts out. We would pretend our living room was a stage. Or we were singing in a castle in Ireland.

       Or sometimes we would walk around our farm pretending we were walking through the wilderness. Sometimes we would walk through the snow pretending we were princesses running from our evil stepmother. It was so much fun!!!