When you have had a life as full as adventure and you have had as much life experience as Jim Lehrer, you have a lot you can put in to an autobiography. And you should display what you have learned in you life in a way people will want to hear about it.

And this is something Jim Lehrer does very well. He makes it interesting with stories like the story of the pin ball machine. But he also tells the stories that make you stop and think. Like the stories of John F. Kennedy and the stories of his heart attack.

Personally my favorite chapter is the last one, and the reason is this: he tells about how he finally got what he had wanted his whole life. And by telling us this he shows that he has reached his goal of what he wanted to be his whole life: to be a real bus man. Sure he wanted to be a reporter, but what he really wanted to achieve was busmanhood. It took him a while to achieve this. At this point in his life he, he was probably at least 60, but this is something he had always wanted. This goes to show that you are never too old to go after something you want.

I also like that in this chapter he shows us again his love for writing.

In his life there were three things he wanted to achieve. 1. Be a bus man. 2. Be a reporter/journalist. 3. Be a novelist. This is a lot for one man to achieve in life. But he did it.

But one of them may have never happened as successfully as he wanted it to if he had nevr had something very scary happen to him.

When Jim Lehrer went to work in DC he had written one novel called Viva Max! But he wanted to write more. He thought he “didn’t have the time.” He may have never picked it back up had he not had his heart attack.

When he picked his writing back up he was probably around 50.

So many people put aside their passions to pursue a career, Why? Then when they finally decide to pick it back up others tell them ” oh you are too old” or if they decide to try to pursue it when they are young people tell them ” you will never make any money with that.”

Chances are you wont find someone to pay you for it, but at least look into it. As Dr Gary North says ” Your career should be a means of supporting your passion.” You need money  but never drop your passion, its what God gave you the ability to do. and He put a want in your heart to do it.

Jim Lehrer’s autobiography is a well written book and I suggest people read it.