A place of leadership is something one should take seriously. I see good and bad leadership all over the world. Leadership is heavy on I think everybody’s mind with election season upon us.

I believe for someone to be a good leader they first have to humble themselves; put themselves in a place of service.

Now, leadership is everywhere. If you have younger siblings, if you are the manager of even a small business, if you own a business; you have to be a leader. You literally have leadership  everywhere, everyday.

The area of leadership I am practicing is being a big sister to my little sister Staci. I do volunteer at a nursing home but I am not in a leadership position there. Currently I am teaching my little sister how to ride a horse. The thing I am teaching myself is patience. She’s not going to learn everything right away.

I am also teaching her patience in working with them. That they won’t respond to quick, eager decisions. Also teaching her to stay calm no matter how feisty they may get.

Being put in a place of leadership is inevitable. It might and probably will be hard. I personally don’t prefer making decisions that affect other people. I’m always kind of scared that they won’t like the decision that I am making. but being a leader is something we all must have someday. and I hope and pray the day I get put in a place of leadership that I have the wisdom and courage to make the right decisions.