Well I found it hard for me to find three places that I have succeeded in. So I asked my mom and sisters what they thought were ares I have succeeded in. The things they said made me realize that just that just because you are still in the process of doing something doesn’t mean you haven’t succeeded in it.

The first one is me school. When I was younger I hated school. I would get trough it as fast as I could. As a result I got bad, very bad, grades. It got to the point I dreaded the day my mom graded me because I didn’t want to know my grade.

But about three years ago my mom decided that I wasn’t going to have that little faith in my own abilities anymore. So she said any time I got more then one Do Over I had to do supper dishes by myself. It was like something clicked after a while. And I realized just how fun it is to learn. By the next school year it became very rare that I got below 80%. I love school now.

The second is another school like thing. When I started getting piano lessons I really liked it but practicing was more like a chore than anything else. I just didn’t like putting the time in for some reason. But as I got better I enjoyed it more and more. I also love piano now.

The last is my volunteering. When I first started volunteering at the nursing home I was nervous. I enjoy every moment of being there now. I like spending time with them and I enjoy the people.

As I said just because your are in the process doing something doesn’t mean you haven’t succeeded in it.