Through the book we have seen that Kourdakov notices things. And that’s something that has caught my eye because it shows that just because he grew up Communist; they can’t take everything that makes someone who they are.

So when Kourdakov was younger he believed that this city was an amazing place and he always wanted to go there. Then he met an old man who said that this city was horrible. He was an amputee and he said as soon as he couldn’t work for the Soviet Union anymore – because he was wounded- they gave him some money and tossed him out to the street to fend for himself. He said this city that Kourdakov loved was built by slaves. People were forced to work long hard hours. If anybody knows anything about Russia they know they know it’s cold and that they most likely didn’t have much for coats. He told Kourdakov that he watched them die by the thousands. Kourdakov couldn’t believe this as he was always told by the books he read that this city was amazing and beautiful. He was told that this city was built by amazing robots that would be used to do amazing things. They said that these robots would revolutionize the world. And then to be told this would be shattering. To hear that something you believed in lied to you. The Soviet Union lied to him.

The Soviet Union was the only thing he believed in; the only thing he thought he could believe in.

But he brushed it aside and went on to work for the Communist party.

He became a leader in the Navy Academy. In fact, he was so good that he was speaking all over the place and he was becoming increasingly popular.

Then one day he was in his office and a man came in. “You Kourdakov?” “Yes” He was from the police. He was a very important man. Kourdakov noted that he wasn’t use to being interrupted because he just kept talking. He had heard Kourdakov speak on Communism and liked what he had said.

He offered Kourdakov a job, at first Kourdakov wanted to say no. But then he offered him money, a lot of money: twenty-five rubles a mission. He was currently making seventy rubles a month. At twenty-five rubles a mission he would make a lot more a month. He was he wouls be an elite group. He was told to pick out twenty other men and meet at the police station.

They were sent to break up bar fights. pick up murderers……

After a couple weeks, they were told they were to go on their first special mission. They were sent to break up a group of Believers. They went to a small building where they met. Inside they could hear them singing. They went in and talked to the leader a bit, and then arrested the leaders and left.

Can you imagine all the stuff that must have been running through his head in that moment? He was probably thinking. “What did these people do? Did they really break the law?Isn’t there suppose to be religious freedom in Russia? They have lied before.”

But he broke up the meeting because he believed in Russia, not God