Today we are going to talk about the difference between the USSR and the Christian leaders in the book.

Nikiforov is a USSR leader. He was the Police Captain. He was the man who hired Kourdakov and his crew. When the men were not violent enough, he would scold them, asking why had not given the believers something to remember. He was violent based, but he wanted them to keep up the polices faces clean. When they would let civilians see them do thing; he would yell at them. He thought in appearance, pain, and Communism.

Another USSR leader was Comrade Orlov. Now this is the man that changed our main character. He was known across Russia as one of the greatest Communist leaders at the time. When Kourdakov was getting an award for his work with the party Orlov got up and made a speech about how great Kourdakov was. He said that young men should be as dedicated to Communism as he was. After the ceremony, Kourdakov was waling the halls, because he didn’t drink like the other people did. Then Orlov came from a different room where the officials ate. He was drunk and asked Kourdakov into the room. When Kourdakov got in there he saw a sight many people would wish to never see. There were men, passed out from drinking. Their faces were in their food and one man was on the table. Kourdakov noted that this food was nice, expensive food. and then it happened. Orlov started talking, and in his drunken rage he was saying what was in his mind that he never dared to say in public. He cursed Stalin and other Communist leaders. He said bad enough things that Kourdakov was scared for a few days because he was worried that he would remember the things he said to him and come kill him to keep him quiet.

Then we have another communist leader: Kourdakov. He wanted to become a leader in the children’s home because he wanted be at the top. But as he got older it started being more because he started believing in Communism. He was chosen for leadership positions because he was so good at what he did, because he was driven. But when he heard Orlov speaking and saw the men passed out all over the place, he realized that these leaders he was looking up to didn’t even believe in Communism. How was he suppose to? They just wanted to get the top of the chain for the money and the expensive food. And then our main character changed for ever.

Now Christian leaders.

These were people who believed in something other than violence. They believed in love and kindness.

Kourdakov mentions some in particular. During a baptismal service, when Kourdakov’s men broke it up, the leader tried to stop the violence and he got killed. Another one tried to keep his Bible and he got his teeth punched out by Kourdakov. But the one that seemed to have stood out the most to Kourdakov was a twenty-three year old pastor. He believed in God so much that even after getting beat up he tried to convert Nikiforov. Kourdakov said that any they arrested a believer they tried to convert the police.

The leaders are VERY differnet but then again Communism and Christianity and complete opposites.