So, today Dr. North asked us what is most important when writing from memory: accuracy, succinctness, or liveliness.

Well, I would have to say liveliness. if a person writes like they’re dead who is going to want to read that? When I read I like to think about what the author was thinking when they wrote that. What was going through their head? In the case of autobiography’s what were they experiencing inside? It lets you know that this person is only human and they experience things that hurt and change them. Often if it’s something important enough to be put in the book, it’s most likely something that will impact the reader some how, too.

Take the case of Kourdakov: at the beginning of the book, he talks about his family. He expresses how he would have liked to see his brother. Now I am not a boy but I definitely look up to my brothers. I can only imagine how it would be for a little boy.

A while later when he was in the children’s home after his friend died, he decided that he wanted to get to the top. He realized what it was going to take to get to the top. If he hadn’t shown us this time of change we probably would have just thought “Well he decided he wanted to be rich”

Then there was the time when he saw the sight with Orlov. After this its like what drives him, what makes him who he is, the only thing he had faith in was taken, snuffed out.

When be beat Natasha: he speaks of the emotions he had when he saw her there again. It shows us that in spite of everything he was doing he was still a little human. He let himself feel a little.

And last but most definitely not the least when he was in Canada wandering if he would be free, he was restless, for more then one reason. He was because he was worried about his fate; whether he would have to go back to Russia. But in his heart he was restless about something he didn’t know. Then he went to church and he talked to the pastor. And he got saved. After all these years, he finally had peace in his heart. After years of beating up the believers, and treating them worse then animals: he was one of them.

Throughout this book there is so much evil and just as you think there is no way this book is ending good. And then he finally gets free and you see who he is when he is free.

Kourdakov has an amazing story. More eventful then the average person. When you read about the Soviet Union you see how much evil there was. It was horrible. But when you read this story; he was part of it. You realize just how much control there was. These people couldn’t get free; but he managed to. It’s sad he didn’t live long enough to experience freedom in all it could be