When Helen Keller was a baby she hear and speak. she was learning to speak quickly actually. But then she got sick and the doctors where afraid she would die. But gladly she didn’t, though she did go bling and deaf.

In the beginning she tells us that she could get along fairly happily. She could communicate to a point that satisfied her.

But as she grew older she started realizing that other people could communicate better. She wanted to be able to tell people things. Her frustration soon led to her throwing fits, trying to get her point across. She wanted them to understand!!

Then one day when she was almost seven years old, someone came into her life that would change her life for ever. As she says, ” Bring light into her very dark prison.”

The first time she mentions that she put two and two together, was when she was at the water pump and her teacher, Anne Sullivan, put her hand under the water. She at that moment remembered being a very young girl and saying the word water. She realized that this cold stuff, that was running over her hand was indeed, water.

She tells us, all through out the boo, that she loves learning. She was eager to learn all she could. One day she and Anne were outside. It was a sunny day and they decided to climb a tree. When they reached the top,  Anne suggested they eat their lunch up there. Anne told her not to move while she went to get their lunch. While she was gone, a cold breeze came. Helen loved the breeze and it was hot so it felt good. Before long the good breeze turned into something more, it turned into a storm. The tree shook, she was scared it would fall over. Just when she was scared it would fall over Anne grabbed her hand. That’s when she learned that nature could be both beautiful and dangerous.

A few years down the road, Helen had learned to sign and she knew how to read. But she knew that other people didn’t talk like she did. They didn’t talk with their hands. She wanted to know more. She wanted to talk. That’s when she heard the story of Radnhild Kaata, a deaf and blind girl from Norway, who had learned how to talk. Helen wanted to learn. So Helen and Anne went to meet Miss Sarah Fuller for advice and assistance. They started lessons on March 26, 1890.

It started slowly with just letters M,P,A….. She learned by putting her hand gently on Miss Fullers face so she could feel her lips and tongue move as she talked. She took eleven lessons. Her first connected sentence was ” It is warm.” She couldn’t speak clearly and still needed a translator sometimes. But it was speech!!