Service is in everywhere in life. When most people think of volunteer service.

You can serve in many places. You can serve anywhere from helping the elderly to volunteering to help at a soup kitchen.

But did you know there is another kind of service? This kind you see in the business world. Yes, there is service in business. Every time you go to the store and find exactly what you are looking for, you are being served.

Harry Browne’s theory for business is based solely on service: the seller serving the buyer. And the reason the seller wants to serve the buyer is because the seller wants the buyer’s money.

Mr. Browne says to find out what the “consumer” wants and get it; cater in to it. Don’t try to force what you want them to want. No, discover what they are looking for. They want what they want. He also says never promise more than you van deliver. This would also be motivation for the seller, because the more you can provide, the more you can promise, thus the more profit you can get.

Mr. Browne’s theory is based on serving the one who has the money. Nobody likes to deal with salesmen who push you to get what he wants you to get, but you don’t want.