When I was around ten I read a book called The Shack it was written by William Paul Young. When he first wrote it he just wrote it for his friends and family. But after they read it, they liked it; and eventually convinced him to send it to the publishers. They printed it.

The story starts with a storm and a man named Mack. Mack is a man who has experienced a lot of life. During the storm Mack goes to the mail box and in the mail box is a note from  a man who signed the note “Papa.”  This is what his wife calls God. The note asks him to meet him at the shack.

The book then flashes to a few years before when his family is on a camping trip. The trip was going great, but something goes wrong: his five year old daughter, Missy gets kidnapped.

The story then follows the investigation. And it shows how Mack deals with having a daughter goes missing.

A couple days after she went missing: the police department was searching and they came across a shack. They went in and found a blood stain on the floor. On it was a blood soaked sun dress. They took it and had Mack see if it was or wasn’t Missy’s. It was, but they couldn’t find Missy.

The investigation, after a while went cold. And the family had to return home without one of them. With the pain, Mack gave up on God.

So back in the present when Mack gets this note from who knows who. But they signed it Papa, a man he gave up a long time ago. And on top of that asking to meet him and asking to meet him at the shack of all places!!

His first thought is “no” absolutely “no!!” But then he thought. “What if it is Missy’s killer?” Or maybe it really was God.

It was winter so he borrowed his friends truck and he went. When he got there no one was there.

Then something happened that seemed almost like magic. When he looked everything was in bloom. It wasn’t winter; it was spring. When he went into the shack; it was no longer a shack and there were some people in there: Papa, Jesus, and Sarayu. They  represent the Trinity.

A series of events then happen that lead him to realize that God didn’t want his daughter to die.

The reason I love this book is because of how it vividly displays the heart of God. What he wants for each of his children. It explains things that every Christian and non-Christian asked at some point in their life. I recommend this book to EVERYONE!!