For me, when I read I like vivid descriptions that capture your attention. I like something that makes you stop and think ” Now why is that?” and you can picture it perfectly in your head.

For me, in this book it was when he was describing the living conditions of the people in Alabama and how he taught them.

While in slavery, the people lived in extremely bad conditions. Their walls had holes and “cat holes” in them. There was no insulation and often no floor except the earth. Washington describes a hole that was in the middle of the home he had while in slavery. The hole was to put food in to keep it for winter. And he describes the there was no bed worth talking about.

When Washington first got out of slavery he lived in a mining community and these are known for being poor.

But when he went to collage he learned about many things and one of them was very important is cleanliness. He liked this very much.

So after having had experienced all these things, wen he went back to Alabama to teach and he saw their conditions he felt sad. But he was also a little annoyed by something he noticed.

When he returned to Alabama to teach he stayed with each family for a time then he would stay with another and so forth.

In each home he noticed something. They were most of them living in conditions ne better than he did when he was a child. In one home he noted that there was one. One! Fork for the entire family, which made him feel a little awkward. But they had a brand new organ in the corner of the room. He lets on that he thought this was stupid. I do, too, as a matter of fact. They were going into dept for something that will in no way benefit their family,s well being.

When he went to Alabama there were two things he wanted to teach the people: 1. The importance of manual labor. These people saw education as a way to avoid manual labor. Which is not correct. And 2. Personal hygiene. He really wanted the hygiene. He mentioned the woman who gave six eggs to the school and he mentioned that the rags she wore were clean. But that is not the way it was for most of the people.

The way he taught them about manual labor is my favorite. When he first bought the land for the school they had to do school in the barns provided. But he and the students built the school house. They wanted to eat, so he and the students cleared the land and planted harvested the crops.

There are many people in this world that think they are above manual labor. But everything you want in this world is most likely two things: 1. going to cost money. And 2. going to take work. And you aren’t willing to do the dirty jobs, you’re not going to appreciate the fun jobs. And if you are not willing to save money and not buy certain things; you are not going to enjoy the mansion. You aren’t going to enjoy the mansion if you can’t appreciate the cabin.