Everybody in this world dreams of the future. Little girls dream of growing up and becoming a princesses, boys dream of becoming astronauts and flying to the moon. Many people, as they get older stop dreaming as big, and instead start dreaming things that seem a little more realistic. For example, things such as: getting through college and becoming a doctor, or a scientist, and maybe some keep dreaming of being astronauts. These are the dreams that children nowadays have.

But back around 1860, young Booker T. Washington was dreaming of something I’m almost 100% sure , that every child in the United States takes for granted. He was dreaming of going top school! These days a child try’s to find ways to get out of school. In the United States we go to  school whether we want to or not. In the 1860’s it was a privilege to go to school; it was even more of a privilege to be black and go to school. In 1865 the war between the states was ended and the slaves were set free. Through even then, young Booker didn’t get much of an education. he worked at the mine and went to school when he could.  Washington eventually got to go to Hampton Institute and got a proper education. Though unlike many of us these days that achieve our goals, he didn’t stop dreaming. Instead he said MORE!!!! “I want to learn more!!”  “What can I achieve??!!” These days we just say “I need to find a job so I can settle down and start putting money in my retirement fund.” I’m not saying putting money in your retirement fund is bad; I’m saying it’s bad to immediately start looking for the end when you are a 25 year old college graduate. Washington kept dreaming. He kept thinking. “What can I achieve?” “What can I do to better the image whites have of blacks?”

When he got the job at Tuskegee he put his everything into it. He spent literally everything he had into that school. And as payback to his labors, the school prospered, thrived you might say. It is still active today; and it is a good school. And all because of one man’s blood, sweat, and tears.

Instead of setting into a job where you hope to slowly climb up the ladder; I say you should keep dreaming. When you go to college, if you go to college, don’t just go because it’s cool. Go because you know what you want to study and pursue it with a passion. Keep dreaming of what you could become.

So in answer to your question “Is Washington’s view of the future also my view of the future?” Kind of. Washington’s view was of the human race being better; becoming more. and that’s what we need to do.