What is TV? TV is something that plays “moving picture”: movies and TV shows. The first movie was made by Edison Studios in 1895 and since then it has become a major industry. It is in almost every home in the United States, and hundreds of people’s labor goes into making movies and TV shows. This is not to mention the millions of dollars that goes into it. There was a movie released in 2015 called “Fast and Furious 7” and it cost 190 million to produce! That is a lot of money and that is just one of the movies released that year.

Many youth and adult activities these days revolve around movies. The film I mentioned earlier made 1.516 billion dollars in the box office!!! That is crazy!!

But for some people, it has become extreme. There is no problem with watching something here and there. But some people spend all of their time watching movies and TV shows. They spend their days sitting in front of the TV watching their lives drift away. While wishing they were rich. Instead they should be doing something to become so.

So I did the calculations. If I spend all the time I spend watching movies in one month, and in stead I took that time and turned it into starting a business, when I am 70 I will have 141,808.33 dollars. Now compared to what some people could make that isn’t much. I know a few people who could make a lot more than that.

In my opinion, it’s better to do things that help your mind than spend the time some people do in front of the TV. I am working on cutting back some of my TV time and I recommend that you do, to, if you feel like you’re watching more than you should. You don’t even have to jump right to work at first, just slowly wean yourself. Start with reading instead at first, even fiction if that makes it easier. Even just taking a few hours off. Then try an autobiography or biography. Next, buy a textbook and read it and then start working on your business right away, just make sure you don’t look back and regret that you watched a movie instead of being productive.