Question: How do you learn best? This is not the question that got asked of us, but I am asking you this. How do you learn best? I think I learn best by having it shown to me and then I try for myself.

In answer to the Dr. Gary North asked, I would rather become a minimum wage apprentice to a mentor. Why? I think it would be a very good opportunity to have someone who has been successful in a business show you how he got there. He/she has already made it and you are starting at the bottom. You don’t even have a business and they are becoming rich off of theirs. They could teach you so much!

My great-uncle started an electrical company when he was in his early twenties. Though he is no longer with us his business still prospers and his sons now own it. I feel that if I was so inclined I could learn a lot from them.

There is a lot that goes on in the business world that we as customers never see. And I feel that apprenticeship could give you a lot of secrets on how to handle the things that may potentially happen.

Having a mentor doesn’t have to stop as soon as you stop working for his company. When  you have your own company you can still get advice from him. say somebody scheme you and you don’t know what to do. You have this man you were once an apprentice to ask about it, maybe it once happened to him. If you just start your own business right off the bat, you might now have this and then if somebody schemes you have no reference point.

I think apprenticeship would be a very good thing to consider doing before starting your own business and you could learn so much by doing this. You always have someone who has been in the same place you are and someone who can give you advice on how to get out of a situation. ” Should I make this investment?” ” Should I give this person with a criminal record a chance to show his wort?” ” Should I build this building and expand my business?” In the end, you’re the boss it’s your decision but having a mentor would help a lot when you don’t know what to decide would help.

When you are an apprentice you are helping them with their business because you are working for them. But at the same time you are learning from them. And that is a rare opportunity.