It is very evident throughout the book that George Washington Plunkitt was a very wealthy man. He was a multimillionaire back in the 1800’s that’s a lot of money now, much less back then. How did he make his millions?

Well, he says ” I seen my opportunities and I took ’em.” that answers my question. Don’t worry, he explains. The way he made his money doesn’t seem too extraordinary if you think about it. He didn’t start a multi-million dollar company, he didn’t inherit it. He made it just by buying land. Now, if you just heard that  ” How did you make your money, sir?” ” Well, I bought land.” That doesn’t make much sense, buying land makes you lose money.

Well, he didn’t just buy land. he bought and sold land. He said he would find out that the city was looking for land to build a park. He bought the land and sold it for even more money then he bought it for. He called this “Honest Graft.” Some might say he was scamming people, but he honestly didn’t believe he was. He says he was just doing business making money honestly.

He also made money by having three! not one, not two, but THREE positions in the government. That is not even allowed anymore. Anybody knows that a position in the government pays a pretty penny.

So, why do I think he was so open on how he made his money? With the property, I think he was so open because he thought other people could do it. If you have enough money to buy property you can do that, but I can’t tell you you’ll get rich off of it. This man could find out anything he wanted to find out. He could find out a company had a open position before they announced it. He could find out a family’s house burnt down before the fire department was on scene.So, as I said I can’t I can’t tell you that you will make money but apparently he thought you could. With the government jobs he must have wanted young folk to join the government. He was very pro-government, well pro Tammany, and he wanted young people get into government all the time. He loved to see people wanting to be of service. That is why I think he was so open about the way made his money.