Mark Twain is a very well known author. He is best known for The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Many children in the nation have grown up reading these books. Some know him as Mark Twain others know him as Samuel Clemens; either way you’ve probably heard one of his names.

His autobiography is very interesting. I personally find it easy to read. He has a way of writing that you feel like you can see what he is explaining to you, and I also felt like I could hear what he is hearing. He explains his boyhood in such a way that you can see he was just a normal boy.

But it has one downfall; no ,matter how interesting and catching each chapter is. It isn’t very organized. He bounces from different point in his life. He starts the chapter with one thing and before long you are at a different place. This doesn’t make it hard to follow for me personally, but it could be different for someone else. For a 65+ year old man looking back on his life and trying to remember things that happened throughout his life, you can’t blame him for getting things mixed up. He probably wasn’t a child and thinking, ” I should write this down because when I grow up I am going to be a famous author.” Or ” I should write this down so I can put it in my autobiography.” I’m only 14 and I already forget what the exact time or day was for some events……. Not the huge things ones, but some things.

If I were to write my own autobiography, it would have a lot of farm stuff and a lot of stuff about my family. I would have a few extra thing such as summer camp, or when I got two inch cut on my knee, So far with my life. I’m not even a quarter way through my life yet.

So, what would I do, not later but as they happen, write down the big events that happen in your life in detail. You can take out details later, but write them in detail, now I prefer to write in a notebook, and date them. Be sure to keep the notebook. I love to write so this isn’t a trial for me. Sometimes I forget to write it down, but the writing part isn’t hard for me. And if you never write an autobiography you have a story of your life that your children can enjoy.