There are many autobiography’s and biography’s in the world. From biography’s on George Washington to biography’s on Johnny Cash. Autobiography’s and biography’s are good ways to carry on people’s stories. Some people have fascinating stories. The autobiography’s  we have read so far have been very interesting.

When somebody decides their story is worth telling, they write a book. Often they will be famous for something, Lehrer was famous for reporting, Kourdakov was famous for his escape, Keller was famous for achieving things that most people without a disability find hard, and Plunkitt was technically a biography, and Twain was famous for being an excellent author. Now all these books we have read so far have either taught me something, or I have drawn some advice from them. What if they had not written their autobiography? What if someone had not written about that person? How many people with disabilities do you think Helen Keller’s autobiography has helped? How many people have these stories inspired? Both autobiography’s and biography’s have inspired so many people. They tell the story of starting out with little but you can achieve more. Mark Twain started out dirt poor and he became a wealthy man.

So, what if these stories were never published? What if they were never opened to the public? If you follow me on my blog, you probably read the essay I wrote for part two of Keller. The man who wrote the book that I wrote about. He was going to have it for just his friends and family. Thankfully, his friend convinced him to get it published. What if he had never gotten published? What if he hadn’t listened?

Now, I will probably never have a story as interesting as these people. But we never know what might happen in the future. I might end up doing something very exciting. But if my life ends up being normal, I will probably not get my autobiography published. The thing is, even if I never get my autobiography published, it would be a good way to show my children and grandchildren how I grew up. It’s away to show them the “olden days.” My life growing up consists of farming and family. In twenty maybe thirty years I don’t know where I’ll be, but if I were to write an autobiography, it would also be a way for me to remember. Because through I have had hard times, my childhood and so far in my teen years, it’s been fun. If we didn’t have hard times; we wouldn’t enjoy the good times as much.