Ok so, here is the thing, I don’t like speaking in public. It makes me nervous. But recently I have been doing more of it. I’ve also sung in public a few times. And I’ve had piano recitals. I don’t prefer it because I get nervous and if I mess up my hands start shaking. It’s not something I enjoy, but if asked of me, I’ll do it and I’ve done it on multiple occasions. It appears that just because your dad is a good public speaker doesn’t mean you are. But, I’ve done it.

The most people I’ve ever performed/spoken in front of is approximately two-hundred. And the least, ten. None of the speeches I’ve done are worth putting in an autobiography. The most serious thing I’ve spoken about is Obama Care.

I seriously don’t know what the future holds for my speaking, but hopefully I eventually stop being scared. I think the thing that scares me the most is that if I mess up the people will stop listening to what I am saying.

I wish I would have gotten my dad’s ability to speak in public. He talks very smoothly and very clearly; especially if he is speaking about something he is passionate about.

So, the question is: ” Should I include reconstructed speeches in my autobiography?”

If your talking about speeches I have made, so far no. I would most likely not put them in my autobiography. Why, you ask? Because none of them hold enough value with me. Sure they are fun to listen to, to see how I’ve progressed but other wise no. Now if I would decide to, for some reason, use one of them in my autobiography, I wouldn’t need to rewrite it because I keep handwritten copies of my speeches.

Why do I do that? Because I want to be able to go back and see my first speeches vs. , my current speeches.

If you’re talking about speeches I’ve heard other people make, there are definitely  a few that I would quote from. Maybe not the entire speech; but I would definitely want to use part. I watch quite a few TedTalks and those are some pretty fascinating speeches. and a god percent of them are really good speakers. In my opinion there is a difference between a good speech and a good speaker. Somebody can have a really good speech and not be fun to listen to because they are a bad speaker. So, in answer to your question. Maybe.