Charles Darwin, is a very well known man. He has written many books that shaped the way many people in the world thought. He achieved many things in his lifetime. But what made him famous was his book, The Origin of Species. It was a book about his beliefs. The way the autobiography makes it sound he didn’t want to write this book at first. But he did. And quite frankly it changed the world. The way people thought changed. Instead of six-thousand years old the world way thought to be millions of years old. Instead of being made by God ; we are from blobs of things that went from monkey to humans. This is the way many people thought after Darwin’s book was released.

Since this book changed the world and shaped the way people thought, my question is, why didn’t he talk about it more often? In his autobiography, he talks very little about this book. He talks very little about what he believes. He also talks little about his family. We don’t hear much about his wife, we don’t hear how many children he had. Nothing.

So, what would I do different?

When writing an autobiography there are two things you should be sure to write about, in my opinion.

1: Your career. If you thought your life is interesting enough to write about, you obviously accomplished something. So write about it. You accomplished it write about it. Helen Keller wrote about going to college. Booker T. Washington wrote about starting Tuskegee University. Sergia Kourdakov wrote about being in the KGB and escaping it. All these examples accomplished something career wise. Granted Kourdakov’s was  very violent but he was young and climbing the ladder career wise.

2: You should write about your family. People enjoy hearing about family. Family shows the human side of a person. People like to hear that you aren’t just a robot. Let the people hear the human side. The whole point of reading an autobiography to get to know the person and to learn about what the accomplished. And talking about you family shows the reader what kind of environment you grew up in. What influences you had. I once read a biography about Jane Addams. It talked about her dad a lot, and it talked about how he treated her like a princess. By the time I was done reading the book I felt like I knew her better because I also knew what kind of man her father was. So write about your family.

So, that’s what I would do differently then Darwin in my autobiography. I would write about my accomplishments more. And I would write about my family more.