Quite frankly Dr. North has already, some what, convinced me to use Spreeder. I was always somewhat of a slow reader. It always bugged me how long it took me to read. I wasn’t extremely slow but slower then I would have cared to be.

I started school the end of October last year, I started off by doing the ABC Course and I Business until after I was done with ABC. I got introduced to Spreeder through this course. I did it every day for the entire length of the course; but after the course ended I would often forget to do it, because I didn’t have Dr. North reminding me to do it every day.

A few weeks ago I had a particularly long reading assignment and it was promising to take a while to read. Then I thought, “Wait. It doesn’t have to take this long.” So I read my assignment, and a lot of them since, by using Spreeder. And I think I’m getting faster.

So, what did it take? Well, it took the promise of being able to read faster. Dr. North is a very smart man, and that’s the truth. And he says he got wealthy doing something he loves, and that’s enough to motivate anybody, and make you want to listen to his advice.

When I started RPC this school year, I was, quite frankly,  a little scared. Why? Because it was something new. I had been taught by my mom for nine years. But when I started I wasn’t expecting to learn things that would change my day to day life. And I wasn’t expecting to have if it be as simple as having someone saying “Hey, reading faster will help you!” And it did!! It does help! Reading assignments take a shorter amount of time. I am still working on comprehending everything, but I can comprehend a fair amount.

So I suggest you use Spreeder if you want to be a faster reader.