When ant parent loses a child either to death or other, they are going to take it hard.  Losing a child is unimaginable.

When Northup first got kidnapped he fought like hell. he told people over and over that he was a freeman from the North. There for he got beat. When one is fighting that hard you most likely don’t have much time to let things really sink in.

He had been a freeman his whole life. He had a business, a wife, and children.

But when it sunk in that he probably wasn’t going to be going home any time soon. He accepted the fact that he probably wasn’t going to see his family for a long time if ever again. But he didn’t get crazy, he didn’t yell, and he didn’t sink down into depression. He took it, probably better then I would.

On the other hand, when Eliza got her son taken away from her she went crazy; she yelled, cried, and when Northup saw her again he said she looked like she was on the brink of death from mourning.

So what caused the huge difference between these two people. The first thing I think was: Eliza had been a slave, she knew the fact that she most likely wouldn’t see her children again. Secondly: I think Northup had a secret weapon. I think he had hope. Hope that he would see his family again, that he would one day be free again, that someone would come free him. And he did see his children again. Eliza gave up all hope.