An apprenticeship is very good way to test if you really want to enter the field you are considering entering. It lets you test the water and get a feel for the system. Especially if you’re uncertain.

Personally I want to work in social work. This would mean I would need to be an apprentice to someone in that field. Unfortunately you cant apprentice in the particular area I want to enter.

What I’ve done is: my sister is friends with a couple social workers so I’ve been talking to them. I’ve also gotten involved in a place were you just work with people in general has helped me get more of a feel on how, just talking to people can help.

I really enjoy working with others. And if there is any way I can help people I will. So many people in the world are hurting or feel like nobody is there. When they need someone I want to be the person that is there. The person that cares.