Twenty-years; wow, it’s kind of strange to think of myself as thirty-five.

By that time I hope to be married with with children. In all honesty I’ve thought of the future frequently recently as I am deciding on things that will affect my life for years down the road.

So as I said, I want to be married with some children. I’d like to be living fairly comfortably. I’d like to be wealthy enough that I can give to people freely. I would like to be fostering and adopting some children.

I’d also like to be living out on a big ranch or farm where my kids can learn how to work hard and live life to the fullest. Be responsible adults that care for people. And to enjoy living. I’d like to be enjoying life and be happy.

I believe that think that of your life in the future can influence the life you live now; even if it doesn’t turn out how you imagined. For all I know I could be single and have lots of dogs ( I want dogs if I’m married with kids too.) I could be written off as the crazy dog lady.

But if you are making decisions that are going to influence what you do and who you turn out to be you need to think, ” Is this the legacy I want to leave? Is this something that if I have kids they are going to be proud to tell about?”

I love to tell people about my parents’ and grandparents’ lives. I’m very proud of my heritage and I want my kids to be the same.