I personally think Thoreau was very strange. He wasn’t proving anything because he wasn’t really living off in  nature by himself. So the whole reason he was there wasn’t happening.

he was not living on his own. He was very dependent on other people. he had someone else come and plant his fields. So he was saying you don’t need this and you don’t need this or; you can get by without this or do it yourself. Yet he hired someone to do something he could have done himself? This doesn’t make sense.

He also lived two: two! miles from his mother. And he had her do things for him. He was often dependent on other on  her for things. He can’t say ” you don’t need this” then just get someone else to do it for him!

He also says he is living off on his own and yet made frequent trips to town. He is being hypocritical! He is saying all these things and recommending we do them yet he isn’t really doing them himself, except the food, he really was doing that.

Basically the only thing that changed when he moved was, he no longer lived with his mother. he says people asked him if he got lonely but he saw his friends every week.

He was often dependent on the division of labor. He has someone else plant his field. He has plenty of instances where he had other people do things for him. On top of that, he built his shack on someone else’s land or unclaimed land. Either way, the land wasn’t his.

Basically I think his experiment was rather foolish.