Things are constantly being distributed. And it seems that these days one of the biggest is the distribution of income.

I have varying grades. Sometimes I’ll get a high grade, and sometimes I’ll get a lower grade. But when I work hard for a grade I want what is coming my way. And when someone doesn’t work hard he, or she shouldn’t get a better grade then the person who worked hard for their good grade and got it. Say there is someone who is trying to get into an Ivy League school and he has to maintain a high grade score average to get in. He works very hard and scores an “A”. But there is another student who wants to get an “A”, but his favorite TV show just got released to Netflix. So he watches it instead of studding. He gets an “F”. The second student gets very mad when he finds out that the first student got an “A” and he got an “F” So he goes to the teacher saying he should get and “A” too. So she gives them both a “C”. Do you see whats wrong with this picture? By human rights the first student should be able to have an “A” because he worked for it.

With almost anyone in the US who is rich or making good money they worked for it. Chances are in many cases if the have high inflow the also have high outflow.

Farmers for an example have high inflow– but also have Major outflow. If income was equally distributed the the farmer would not be able to pay everyone that he owes, to be able to keep his farm running. And the person who is getting the other part of his paycheck would be living pretty well.

Therefore I believe redistribution of income is wrong. Because everybody would be affected and some of these people with high income are just barely getting by. If you just look at the income, you would think they would be rather wealthy. But if you at their bills to feed their animals and to maintain their farm; you would realize they are barely getting by. So let the people keep their income and some people will be rich  and some people will be poor. America is a place of equal opportunity.