The way we are raised determines lots of what we believe. If you are raised liberal, there is a good chance you’ll be a liberal. If you are raised conservative, there is a good chance that you will be a conservative.

I think, as I’ve mentioned before, that when writing an autobiography you should include at least some of your back round. It not only gives the reader a little bigger picture of you; it also shows them what they should be expecting out of you because they would know what you got out of your parents.

Say I was writing an autobiography ten years from know. I start with a story about how I handled a case in social work. You might end up thinking ” Well, why did  she do that instead of this?” Well, if I had started with my childhood, by the time I got to that you might understand me and the way I was raised. And you wouldn’t have to ask that question anymore.

I was raised in a conservative family. It was actually through my parents voting and listening to politics that we found out about Ron Paul Curriculum. Anyway, the way I write and the way I live my life is going to come through my stories. It’s no secret that in this day and age the world is liberal. So, some of my readers may need an explanation. They might want to try to understand where I’m coming from.

This was something I believe Thoreau should have done. At this point in the book I’m hitting my head against the wall ( figuratively) trying to understand why he is saying these things. I mean, why would you be anti-commerce, anti-railroad? These things that greatly influenced the world. I will never agree him, but maybe if he would tell us more about how he was raised, what he grew up hearing, and what influenced his thinking, I would be able to understand where he his coming from a little.

Because of my back round and what I understand of the world, I think more conservative; more Libertarian. And this is something that influences way of thinking and ultimately the way I write. So this is not something I’ll be letting out of my autobiography.