I’ve stated before that I’m not particularly enjoying this book. And the reason is this. He isn’t consistent with his writing. He says he prefers solitude and the next chapter he is saying he enjoys having visitors.

If you are writing an autobiography you obviously think that you have discovered something about life that you want to share, either that or you had a very exciting life. You should be consistent with what your philosophy is. You can’t write like you’re a hermit one second then write about how you like to go to town and hear the gossip. Be consistent.

I think Walden genuinely believed what he wrote, and there were times in the book that he can describe something beautifully. There were times throughout were I genuinely couldn’t understand what he is trying to say.

I’m not saying I think his writing is bad; there has to be a reason the book is so popular. I’m saying, 1. He isn’t consistent. 2. He has some very strange beliefs and philosophies.

I think stating your philosophy early in the book is important.