When you are making an ad you are suppose to answer these questions: What are you trying to sell me?, What will it cost me?, Whats in it for me?, and Why should I trust you?

In my opinion, Radio Shack and Commodore. American Express and M&M produced the benefits but they didn’t really answer any of the others questions.

Radio Shack answered Whats in it for me? by producing the benefits by having: management, colors, and education. Then said what will it cost:$399. Then said what they are trying to sell you: 4K color computer.

Commodore answered what they were trying to sell you: Commodore PC5. Then answered whats in it for me: work at home. Then say what will it cost: $1,395. But then they surprise you and have a package you can buy.

In my opinion these are the ads that best represent the Irresistible Offer the offer, the benefits, cost, one even had more benefits. I think these are good ads.