Reason #1. It Makes It Easier For The Parents:

When I started this curriculum it gave my mom more time to help my younger siblings.

Reason #2. The Teachers Have Similar Values:

This is another one for the parents. When your child is being you want them to be taught something you believe in. That’s why my parents got me the RPC.

Reason #3. It Teaches You how To Write:

This curriculum has really taught me about writing. I used to, and still do some, write really choppy; almost like someone with a stutter. And this curriculum helps a lot.

Reason #4. It Makes You Self Reliant With Learning:

I used to just give up and ask my mom to help. She often wouldn’t give it, but now that I have almost no other choice but to figure it out. It has made me more self reliant.

Reason #5. It Helps To Learn To Give Advice: 

When I’m looking at the forums I’ll sometimes see a question that makes me think: ” Hey, I know how to help this person.” And I’ll tell them what I know.

Reason #6. It Teaches You How Business Works:

This is unique. It has helped me a lot with knowing what happens on the other side of it.

Reason #7. No Text Books:

Every person learns differently. I personally retain things better when I write about them. That’s how I still remember things from Lehrer’s autobiography, which we read 32 weeks ago.

Reason #8. It Has A Course On Public Speaking: 

I get very stage frightened. And this course helped with getting rid of it.

Reason #9. It’s Rigorous: 

I have learned more self discipline.

Reason #10. It Forces You To Look Forward To The Future:

       With the CLEP’s it has forced me to consider what I want in life.

Reason #11. It Teaches The Importance Of Your Calling:

       If I had a dollar for every time Dr. North has stressed this fact I’d be as rich as him. But having him stressing this fact has really forced me to find out what mine is and pursue it.

Reason#12. It Has A Course On Autobiography:

This to me is unique. I’ve loved learning about other times from somebody’s point of view who has lived it.

Reason #13. The Teachers Use Real Life Examples: 

This has really helped me understand the Business 1 course.

Reason #14. You Can Work It In To Your Schedule: 

I volunteer and babysit so this comes in handy.

Reason #15. It Prepares You For College: 

I love that I now know how to do college for cheaper.