When you’re planning on writing an autobiography you have to be able to take notes…. good notes. You don’t want to be too detailed but you don’t want to miss something important.

That’s what we’ve been learning all year: how to decide what’s important. The questions I ask myself are, what’s good about his autobiography? What’s bad about this one? What can I learn from this persons experience?

So, here’s what I must do in my note taking:

I have to show what’s going on around me; for example, how people live. And how they influenced what’s happening in my life. How did they influence what went on around me?

I need to show the culture I grew up in. This one is something I think is important because this influences the way people view you.

Take organized note and take them soon after they happen so it’s fresh in your mind. It’s hard to remember things but it’s especially hard to remember them in order.

Your never, ever want to write in a manner that will make it hard for people to understand you. It will make it boring for the reader, and that’s the last thing you want.

So write organized, write simply yet not stupidly, and write in a manner that is interesting.