So in case you don’t remember a USP is a Unique Selling Proposition, AKA, something that sets you apart from the rest. Today we are supposed to talk about two USP of the RPC.

1. Something I would definitely consider a USP for the RPC would be its lack of textbooks. So many children learn so many different ways. Textbooks are designed for a specific kind of child, so good news: the RPC doesn’t have textbooks. Whether it be this or that, your child can adjust it to the video. They can do it according to his/her way of learning.

2. It focuses on your calling.So many people these days will tell you, ” It doesn’t matter what you feel fulfilled doing; do what will get you richest the fastest.”

This curriculum wants you to find your calling; what God wants you to do, and what your hardest to replace in. They do tell you that there’s a big chance that you wont make money doing it, but they tell you never to let it go. It’s Your Calling!!

And that’s what I think makes the RPC unique