Equiano had lived his whole life, up to this point, in a place that hadn’t developed as fast as some of the world. So when he saw the ship it fascinated him.

When he became a sailor it was really a turning point in his life. He loved sailing. It made him feel free, empowered….. like nothing could stop him. He was free.

As he worked for the British Navy he got more used to the way of life of the English. And he became acquainted with battle. He even said he’d hoped far a battle.

I find this interesting. He wasn’t technically British, and he didn’t really know why they were fighting, but he was probably because of the excitement that comes with battle. The adrenaline, the way every move has to be thought out. But it’s still interesting because you wouldn’t think that near death experiences are what you would look forward to.

So, in my opinion he had a fairly good attitude towards it because it was something he hadn’t experienced before, it was new.