Hey! Are you wanting to home school your children but you don’t like the home school curriculums offered? Look no further: check out the Ron Paul Curriculum! Here are some reasons:

  1. It is video based. Yep! That means no buying text books.
  2. It’s an affordable. Each course cost 50 dollars. This means each student comes to about $ $250 per year.
  3. Your children can watch and re-watch videos as often as they need to. It’s their choice.
  4. It’s hands off for you. You don’t have to reach them after 3rd grade.
  5. It’s rigorous.
  6. It prepares your children for college. They are being taught how to write well; which is vital for college.
  7. It has a CLEP cram course. You can use this to test out of college.
  8. It has a Business course. This teaches you how to start your own home business.
  9. It teaches them how to impact it is to know your calling.
  10. It’s taught by more then qualified people.