When writing an autobiography you have to choose carefully what to put in it. Examine every story of your life and decide what needs to be put in your book. Ask yourself, is this relevant to the theme of my book? The question you want to avoid people asking themselves is: ” So What?”

You don’t want people reading your book and thinking..”And your point is…” Some books have a lot of this in. If you have too many of these times it will ruin your entire book.

Basically what ” so what is” is when you go down a detailed rabbit trail. When you are telling a story and it’s interesting, and then the next chapter is all about the price of flour that year. We didn’t need to know about the price of flour.

You have to be selective with what you put in. Choose the stories that impacted your life. Which ones changed you? Which ones made you who you are today? On the other hand, you don’t want to be so picky that you end up with no stories that impact your readers.

So be careful and try to avoid leaving your readers wandering.