This week we learned many things. But the one I really took from it, is the fact that I can have an advantage over the older small business owners.

There are quite a few small businesses in my home town. Most of them fair pretty well…. except one. This business was not doing well until it was sold last year. The former owner never offered any significant deals or attractions. It never seemed to boom….. But this spring ( with it’s new owner) it offered an “if you buy so many pounds of meat you get a free box of donuts”  deal. They sold out of meat before noon. Before it never offered anything like this. This taught me something…. it was it’s momentary USP!

But that’s not why I’m here today. Today I’m here to tell you what I learned this week. This week, the main thing I took away was: since I was born in the digital age I have an advantage over the old business owners in my town. I know other ways of advertising that older owners might not have even thought of because they don’t think digital. I have things like Google Adwards and email at my disposal! I have the advantage.