To begin with I will continue to study the art/practice of advertising. It will take a lot of work to be able to help a business man. It will be hard to reach the point where I know more about it then him.

I will  then present my case to a local businesses, many whose advertising could use a pick me up. Once I have my foot in the door I will recommend he/she stops running ads in the yellow pages, its an unnecessary expenses. Then I’ll spend time studying his old ads and seeing what he did wrong ( besides run ads in the yellow pages). For all this I will probably charge him a certain percentage of the money he gets with the new and improved ad that I designed for him. I will run the ad on the website that I set up and hold ownership of.

Small businesses have it hard with all these large corporations like Walmart, Aldi, and Home Depot. If they are introduced to things like Google AdWords we might be able to give them a small leg up. If I know how to help them, I’ll help them and just maybe make a little money out of it!