Many things come into play when you are wanting to start a business. What are you going to sell? Why does this product need to be out there? But the other thing you need to consider is, how are you going deal with the pressure? How do you deal with people?

The main thing that I could do in my business: I’ve been told I have good people skills. I can learn and study and do school for all the business side of it. But one thing that either can’t be learned or is very hard to learn is dealing with people.

People can be annoying. They want what they want, they are pushy, they can be selfish. You have to be able to deal with them. You have to be patient. I often get annoyed and seethe inside. But I can usually contain it.

I think that would be the main thing I could bring.

In the future I can develop the business side of everything. That’s what I’m doing now! I’m learning the business side! I’m learning, reading, studying. It’s what you have to do.