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Business 1: Landing Page.

Hey! Are you wanting to home school your children but you don’t like the home school curriculums offered? Look no further: check out the Ron Paul Curriculum! Here are some reasons:

  1. It is video based. Yep! That means no buying text books.
  2. It’s an affordable. Each course cost 50 dollars. This means each student comes to about $ $250 per year.
  3. Your children can watch and re-watch videos as often as they need to. It’s their choice.
  4. It’s hands off for you. You don’t have to reach them after 3rd grade.
  5. It’s rigorous.
  6. It prepares your children for college. They are being taught how to write well; which is vital for college.
  7. It has a CLEP cram course. You can use this to test out of college.
  8. It has a Business course. This teaches you how to start your own home business.
  9. It teaches them how to impact it is to know your calling.
  10. It’s taught by more then qualified people.

Equiano, Part Two: So What?

When writing an autobiography you have to choose carefully what to put in it. Examine every story of your life and decide what needs to be put in your book. Ask yourself, is this relevant to the theme of my book? The question you want to avoid people asking themselves is: ” So What?”

You don’t want people reading your book and thinking..”And your point is…” Some books have a lot of this in. If you have too many of these times it will ruin your entire book.

Basically what ” so what is” is when you go down a detailed rabbit trail. When you are telling a story and it’s interesting, and then the next chapter is all about the price of flour that year. We didn’t need to know about the price of flour.

You have to be selective with what you put in. Choose the stories that impacted your life. Which ones changed you? Which ones made you who you are today? On the other hand, you don’t want to be so picky that you end up with no stories that impact your readers.

So be careful and try to avoid leaving your readers wandering.

Business 1: USP For The RPC.

So in case you don’t remember a USP is a Unique Selling Proposition, AKA, something that sets you apart from the rest. Today we are supposed to talk about two USP of the RPC.

1. Something I would definitely consider a USP for the RPC would be its lack of textbooks. So many children learn so many different ways. Textbooks are designed for a specific kind of child, so good news: the RPC doesn’t have textbooks. Whether it be this or that, your child can adjust it to the video. They can do it according to his/her way of learning.

2. It focuses on your calling.So many people these days will tell you, ” It doesn’t matter what you feel fulfilled doing; do what will get you richest the fastest.”

This curriculum wants you to find your calling; what God wants you to do, and what your hardest to replace in. They do tell you that there’s a big chance that you wont make money doing it, but they tell you never to let it go. It’s Your Calling!!

And that’s what I think makes the RPC unique

Equiano, Part One: What Was His Attitude?

Equiano had lived his whole life, up to this point, in a place that hadn’t developed as fast as some of the world. So when he saw the ship it fascinated him.

When he became a sailor it was really a turning point in his life. He loved sailing. It made him feel free, empowered….. like nothing could stop him. He was free.

As he worked for the British Navy he got more used to the way of life of the English. And he became acquainted with battle. He even said he’d hoped far a battle.

I find this interesting. He wasn’t technically British, and he didn’t really know why they were fighting, but he was probably because of the excitement that comes with battle. The adrenaline, the way every move has to be thought out. But it’s still interesting because you wouldn’t think that near death experiences are what you would look forward to.

So, in my opinion he had a fairly good attitude towards it because it was something he hadn’t experienced before, it was new.

Business 1:Ron Paul Curriculum.

Do you want to do school on your schedule? Do you ever feel like you’re not learning as much as you should just because that’s not the way you learn?

Here’s your solution!

With the Ron Paul Curriculum you do school on your time. You can volunteer, or get that part time job.

Are you wanting to go to collage but you just can’t afford it? We’ve got a solution for that too! You can  take CLEP’s! These tests give you collage credits and if you do them correctly, you can even test out of as much as two years of collage! This can save thousands!

Are you a parent? With the RPC your children can have a good education and you will not have to do anything after third grade!

Your children will also learn major self discipline and will learn how to teach others. This is something that will benefit them the rest of their lives!

So sign up for the RPC and have a good education. It is taught by more then qualified people. Who have conservative values.

If you don’t like it you get your money back.

Douglass Part Two: What Must I Do?

When you’re planning on writing an autobiography you have to be able to take notes…. good notes. You don’t want to be too detailed but you don’t want to miss something important.

That’s what we’ve been learning all year: how to decide what’s important. The questions I ask myself are, what’s good about his autobiography? What’s bad about this one? What can I learn from this persons experience?

So, here’s what I must do in my note taking:

I have to show what’s going on around me; for example, how people live. And how they influenced what’s happening in my life. How did they influence what went on around me?

I need to show the culture I grew up in. This one is something I think is important because this influences the way people view you.

Take organized note and take them soon after they happen so it’s fresh in your mind. It’s hard to remember things but it’s especially hard to remember them in order.

Your never, ever want to write in a manner that will make it hard for people to understand you. It will make it boring for the reader, and that’s the last thing you want.

So write organized, write simply yet not stupidly, and write in a manner that is interesting.


Business 1: Fifteen Reasons

Reason #1. It Makes It Easier For The Parents:

When I started this curriculum it gave my mom more time to help my younger siblings.

Reason #2. The Teachers Have Similar Values:

This is another one for the parents. When your child is being you want them to be taught something you believe in. That’s why my parents got me the RPC.

Reason #3. It Teaches You how To Write:

This curriculum has really taught me about writing. I used to, and still do some, write really choppy; almost like someone with a stutter. And this curriculum helps a lot.

Reason #4. It Makes You Self Reliant With Learning:

I used to just give up and ask my mom to help. She often wouldn’t give it, but now that I have almost no other choice but to figure it out. It has made me more self reliant.

Reason #5. It Helps To Learn To Give Advice: 

When I’m looking at the forums I’ll sometimes see a question that makes me think: ” Hey, I know how to help this person.” And I’ll tell them what I know.

Reason #6. It Teaches You How Business Works:

This is unique. It has helped me a lot with knowing what happens on the other side of it.

Reason #7. No Text Books:

Every person learns differently. I personally retain things better when I write about them. That’s how I still remember things from Lehrer’s autobiography, which we read 32 weeks ago.

Reason #8. It Has A Course On Public Speaking: 

I get very stage frightened. And this course helped with getting rid of it.

Reason #9. It’s Rigorous: 

I have learned more self discipline.

Reason #10. It Forces You To Look Forward To The Future:

       With the CLEP’s it has forced me to consider what I want in life.

Reason #11. It Teaches The Importance Of Your Calling:

       If I had a dollar for every time Dr. North has stressed this fact I’d be as rich as him. But having him stressing this fact has really forced me to find out what mine is and pursue it.

Reason#12. It Has A Course On Autobiography:

This to me is unique. I’ve loved learning about other times from somebody’s point of view who has lived it.

Reason #13. The Teachers Use Real Life Examples: 

This has really helped me understand the Business 1 course.

Reason #14. You Can Work It In To Your Schedule: 

I volunteer and babysit so this comes in handy.

Reason #15. It Prepares You For College: 

I love that I now know how to do college for cheaper.



Douglass, Part One: Has Anything Made An Impact?

The event in my life that has had a huge impact would be when I got saved. But that not the event I’m going to write about today. Today I’m going to write about another event that changed my life and ultimately began a series of events and emotions that helped decide what I plan on pursuing in my future.

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve loved kids and babies. I knew that children got hurt and abused, mentally and physically. But it always seemed lie a far away thing; something that happened in other cities and states. It can’t be possible that this was happening in my own back yard, right?

Then when I was a little older I learned that someone I’m close to had been abused.

Realizing how close this could hit and seeing it’s effects in their lives changed my heart, and it set in motion what’s happening in my life now.

In 2013 my older sister got a  job at a local children’s home. Threw her I heard about what abuse can do to a child. I learned how messed up the foster system is, and I heard how horrible humans can be. I heard of a little girl who was six years old and had been abused to he point that she couldn’t control her bladder. I heard of children my little sisters age who were suicidal. Children that they had to physically restrain because they were getting so violent with other children or the workers. These children are under the age of sixteen. There was so much going on and so many emotions they didn’t know how to control that these children wanted to end it. Some children had been taken to foster homes and been sent back. That was just another layer of emotions they had to learn to control.

So many things are already set against them in life and they aren’t even adults yet.

That’s when I decided to work with abused children. I know it’s going to be very hard. I can already tell that. But isn’t the next generation worth it? These children have so much against them. I want to be for them.

Business 1: Five More Reasons.

So, toady we are supposed to have more reasons why parents and students would benefit from the Ron Paul Curriculum.

#1. It Teaches You How To Take Notes: 

When you’re in college you are going to need to know how to take notes in lectures. This curriculum will teach you to do this.

#2. You Can Fit It To Your Schedule:

I volunteer at a nursing home. Sometimes they need my help during school hours. With this curriculum you can do school at various times of the day.

#3. You Have Teachers With Similar Beliefs:

Ever worried about what your children are being taught at school? With the Ron Paul Curriculum you know that the teachers are going to be teaching similar to what you believe.

#4. It Teaches Self Discipline:

You will be tested with this curriculum, at times it will be hard and you wont want to write multiple essays. But you’ll remember what they are teaching and you’ll have to push through. Because you want what the are offering.

#5. It Prepares You For CLEP’s:

It will help you test out of college. Which will make it cheaper. Who doesn’t want that!!

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