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Western Literature: The God’s Ethics

So, everybody has heard of the ancient gods at least once in their life.

Ovid depicts the gods as being very wishy-washy with their standard of ethics. When the humans do good they reward them but when they are bad they are very cruel. The thing that makes you question the gods is that, they did to humans what was convenient for them not what was best for the humans.

For example the story of Jupiter: Jupiter raped a virgin and he then turned her into a heifer to hide his adultery from his wife. He then gives the “Heifer” to his wife.

You see these gods had complete control over the people. The citizens of the world were at their complete mercy. The gods could do anything they wanted as long as they could either justify it or hide it.

So I think the gods ethics really varied on what they thought they should be at the moment.


Biology: Prokaryotes

4. Imagine you’re a partner in biological research firm. You have the money and facilities to do some research on organic chemicals or prokaryotes. Choose one or the other, and write on essay to present the reason for your choice.

I would choose Prokaryotes . I feel like there are so many of them that you would never stop learning an I think that wold be fun!

Western Civilization: St. Benedict

Benedictine monasteries are guided by the rule and beliefs that St. Benedict laid down. He laid down what kind of life he thinks a monk should lead to become a saint. He tells the monks to feed and cloth the poor. To be good people and lead a good life.

People usually become a monk to practice humbleness, piety, and self sacrifice. The monks worked like crazy, and in this they showed that hard work is good. All in all it was to lead a good Christian life.

Western Literature: Livy and Ovid

Livy attributes the founding of Rome to Romulus. In the beginning of Rome there was a shortage of Women, the population was getting smaller and smaller. In an effort to do something, Romulus tricked the families of the area and took their women. As a result the families rioted, but Romulus put an end to it by force.

Ovid’s writing starts in chaos then a god came and calmed it and plants, animals, and people come from it. He called this the Golden Age.

Then comes the Silver Age where seasons became a thing.

The next is the Bronze Age this is where greed enters the world.

Then comes the Age of Iron. The shedding of blood began, and truth vanished.

In the end Livy showed no optimism towards Rome, but Ovid showed some hope for the future.

Western Civilization: Paul’s Mission.

Before we get into this we have to understand that Paul went everywhere.

“So they, being sent forth by the Holy Ghost, deported unto Seleucia; on from thence they sailed to Cyprus.” Acts 13:4

In Paphos they came upon a false prophet and Saul/Paul  blinded him for his wickedness.

They then went to Perga, then they left Perga to go to Antioch, here he gave them a run down of the old testament.

Acts 13:52 “And the disciples were filled with joy and the Holy Ghost.”

I love this because it means that with the Holy Ghost comes Joy! With God is Joy!

Then they went to Iconium, here it says they spoke to a great multitude in the synagogue. Here there was also an uprising and they had to flea to Lystra and Derbe and they preached the gospel there.

“And there came tither certain Jews from Antioch and Iconium, who persuaded the people, and stoned Paul, drew him out of the city, supposing he had been dead. Howbeit, as the disciples stood around him, he rose up, and came into the city: and the next day he departed with Barnabas to Derbe.” Acts 14:19-20

Well! Things aren’t looking very good for Paul are they? But his work wasn’t done. They traveled about preaching and setting up churches.

When Paul spoke he spoke of love and serving Jesus. He had met God at a very hard time in his life. Though his life was very hard and he died before his time, there was one constant in his life, that God was good and true and that He changed his life so much that he changed his name from Saul to Paul. Now he is known by millions around the world.

Western Literature: Cicero

Cicero wanted some backup on what he wanted done. So one day while he was giving a speech he uses his audience’s fear of Catline ¬†and his rebellion to prove to the people that he is worthy of leading them. He told the senate that he had heard Catline’s intentions and he had his army outside the city. He discussed the punishment these things could bring. He did this to scare the supporters of Catline that were in the senate. He told them that he wouldn’t enforce the death penalty.

He gave a speech to the Roman citizen’s telling them that he had Catline stopped for the moment but he would come back. He did this on purpose to scare the people. But he promised that he would defeat Catline.

While Catline was trying to get help from Gaul he handed off evidence that could get him arrested for treason, but Gaul betrayed him and handed the evidence over to Rome. Then it was in the hands of the senate to decide his fate. Cicero wanted him executed so he gave a speech he told the people of his reputation and how the senate had honored him. He put himself in the same box as the god Jupiter and the Roman Republic.

He did this to get the people thinking about the man he was.Though he never said it outright he hinted at execution he hinted that maybe they should be merciful he told the people their decision would be remembered forever. In the end the decision was made to executed the conspirators. After the execution the army of Catline dispersed.

Business II: My Favorite.

My favorite business opportunity is the photography.

The people I could help would be the people looking for a photographer to capture a moment in their life.

I can help them by being the person that could capture their moment.

The barriers are I’m a beginner so people might want someone more experience.

I can charge the person wanting someone to take their family photos or business person that asked me to take pictures of the product.

There is hopefully always going to be someone who needs a picture taken.

Biology: What Would Happen?

So, prairies get fires approximately every 2-3 years. Fires aren’t a good thing. They destroy and disturb everything in that communities living area.

If there were no fires for 100 years I can only imagine what would happen. Taking for granted there are no other disturbances. The grass and flowers would be tall. And hopefully a beautiful place.

Western Civilization: Christianity and Greek.

Christianity is based on one God who created the world then later sent His only Son to die for our sins.

The Greeks had very different beliefs, they had many gods.

Though you really wouldn’t really put any of their beliefs in the same box. They actually share some beliefs.

One thing is that, when you do something, something will come in return. If you kill someone you should be killed. If you do something good, something will happen in return. Things like this.

But the one that is something we can easily see is you should live your life as a good person. You should be a good human. You should be a good human. You should forgive. And spend your days being the best person you can.


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